Components for the production of beer and cider

Besides a ready-made solution, where you get a fully functional cider and beer production line, can you also buy the individual components, these must of course be able to be built into an existing solution, to ensure the flexibility by continuously being able to renovate and expand its production line. The vast majority of needs can be covered through a standard solution, but naturally there will also be situations that require a special solution, in both cases it is important that the solution follows and meets all standards and certifications so that the production line can easily be approved.




Do you need a production tank or a ripening tank or maybe a combination solution? It is important to think about what needs to be covered.
Production tanks for cider and beer can all be delivered with heat or cooling solution, depending on the production needs. There are also solutions where there is the possibility of making a combi solution, these have both a heating and cooling function built into the tanks.


All tanks must be able to be built together with your current tapping and bottle machines.



Crushers and hops equipment

Crushers and presses are available in many sizes and solutions, it is of course important that they live up to yours and the authorities’ requirements. But the most important thing is that all welds and joints are completely smooth, as no impurities in the products have to come in this part of the brewing, so that a perfect and uniform end product is ensured each time.



Washing and filling machines

In this part of the brewing a lot of water is used for cleaning bottles and other products, to ensure the longest possible life of the production machines, Hygienic waterproof bearing must be used so that water does not penetrate into ball bearings, rollers or other parts. This ensures a high up time and thus the most efficient production.



Automation of production

Do you want even better control of your current production, so that you can ensure a better and more uniform product for your customers?
Then there is no way around an automation of your brewery, thereby ensuring that all times and temperatures are met exactly, you can at the same time release time for other tasks, and thus get a much more cost effective production and thus a better economy.


There are several options from a semi automation to the fully automatic solution, with pre-programmed recipes and mixing ratios where everything is run automatically from mixing ratio, roasting, temperature control, times and bottling right up to the automatic labeling and packaging machine.