Turnkey beer breweries

When you start brewing, it is important to find out what your needs have. Do you want to start at home in the garage or in a slightly larger environment or maybe you already have an established brewery.


There are complete production lines for everything from the small hobby nano brewery, over pub breweries which are both efficient and decorative and ensure the right pub atmosphere, to small industrial breweries. The breweries are designed to be able to brew from 3 hectoliters in the smallest nano breweries, up to industrial breweries that can brew 20 hectoliters annually.



Easy production

All breweries of any size can be equipped with the latest in fully automatic operation to ensure the best results every time. The recipe is entered into the system and then the fully automatic brewing control takes over, so that all times are strictly adhered to and that the right temperature is present throughout the process, this ensures a top result every time. There are constantly being developed new techniques and software, therefore it is also important that the brewery can be updated to the new initiatives, so that the brewery is future-proof and can live up to all requirements and wishes throughout its lifetime.




In order to ensure that the brewery always meets the hygiene requirements of the authorities, and to ensure easy and quick cleaning of your brewery, it is recommended to have hygienic stainless leveling feet fitted. The hygiene starts in the production, where all welds and surfaces should be polished so that there are no small places where dirt can collect, over the transport where everything should be packed properly, to the assembly where it must be ensured that everything is mounted correctly and that all surfaces are polished and without scratches so everything is easy to clean. All to ensure that beer production is as efficient as possible, as the easy cleaning then provides as short a down time as possible in the production.



Many options

If a step-built brewery solution is chosen, both cider and all kinds of beer, for example. wheat beer, beer, ale or a classic lager, can be brewed, without having to buy expensive extra equipment. With the right recipe, brewing master and the right brewery, you can brew completely without the use of pasteurization or chemical additives.


From the installation, all breweries are ready for all types of brews, when it is desired to switch brew, the brewery must only be cleaned, after which the brewing is started from scratch with new recipe, easily and efficiently using the built-in programs.