Spare parts, accessories and training

When talking about easy and efficient beer brewing, it is not only the brewery that needs to be in focus, it is also important to choose the right accessories and options. Do you need spare parts delivered from hour to hour, or can it wait for the next day. How important is it, that the spare parts are in stock. All are things that should be considered when choosing a supplier.



Internal transport wagons

Since new requirements for hygiene in production and new workplace assessments with stricter requirements are constantly coming, it is important to ensure that all workstations and internal transport meet these requirements. Everything must be able to be transported quickly, easily and as silently as possible. In order to always be at the forefront of these requirements, and thus ensuring to keep the investment for example, new internal transport wagons, one should only choose the best components and products. When choosing trolleys, one should always choose wagons with stainless casters, which gives an almost silent transport, and at the same time meets all the requirements for cleaning and antibacterial coating.


There are models with a 10-year warranty, these are of course preferable, as this ensures a long life of the trolleys.



Mobile Solutions

There are many who want an efficient and flexible brewery. Fortunately, technology today allows for this, all it takes is a wireless monitoring solution. This allows you to monitor every aspect of the brew no matter where in the world you may be. The solution is available in both a wi-fi solution and a sim-card solution, which makes it possible to ensure the production no matter where in the factory or in the world you are. With a fully automated production solution, all problems can be solved online just when the need arises. This is what is called a really fully automatic solution.




If you start from scratch and without any prerequisites or knowledge about starting as a brewer. There are many opportunities, everything from short weekend courses to a full education as a brew master, all the way from dream to finished brewing master with own brewery. Here, all the facets of brewing are taught, which pitfalls there are and how these are avoided. The programs must of course live up to all requirements and should be certified by the authorities.


Many education programs also include good advice for financing, running a brewery, developing new taste experiences and staffing.