Turnkey cider breweries

There are two different lines for cider production.
The module built line where you can start small, and grow larger by adding new modules.


With this solution, everything you need to get started your cider production is available, then you can continuously upgrade with e.g. a fully automatic labeling machine or larger fermentation and ripening tanks. Everything should be scalable so that the brewery is future-proof and can grow with demand and business.


The second option is the professional cider brewery line that delivers a completely finished brewery. With this solution, a fully functional brewery is available, all units are mounted and ready to start.


A rule of thumb is that all lines must be equipped with units for fermentation, maturation, optional keg, bottle filling machine and automatic labeling machine. This ensures that you do not get any manual tasks and provide a professional look and a perfect end result.



·      More options

If you want more flexibility, there are production lines where you can brew beer and cider on the same equipment, which ensures optimum utilization of the production plant so that it can be in use all year round. On the same production line you can in fruit season brew all types of cider, which ensures a unique opportunity to change the production according to the seasons and the customers’ taste, so that the right brew always can be delivered.
There is software that can help to become a brewing master, whether it is cider or it is wheat beer, lager, ale or pilsner that is chosen.



·      Hygiene

As with beer production lines, it is important that cider production lines meet all the authorities’ hygiene requirements, for example the importance of using hygienic adjustable levelling feet can be mentioned. This is to ensure the best and fastest cleaning, so up time in production is always as high as possible.
No matter whether a module solution is chosen that can be continuously expanded and grown in production size, or a full finished production line solution is chosen, it is ensured in the production of the brewery that everything is easy and quick to clean.



·      Easy production

To ensure easy, quick and precise operation, user-friendliness and user experience should be of paramount importance. There are many options with pre-programmed recipes or the ability to easily enter own recipes, this is to ensure that all times and temperatures are met, thus ensuring a perfect result every time, whether beer or cider is produced.